Posted by: aiawinnipeg | October 6, 2014


The line-up of lecture for the fall season 2014

For the fall season 2014, we have a packed and exciting schedule of public lectures… and the winter season will be just as good!

Our two speakers from the AIA touring lecturer series are:

September 28, 3pm, 237 University College – Prof. Thomas H. Carpenter (Ohio University) – Greek Tragedy amongst the ‘Barbarians’ in 4th century BCE Italy

November 9, 3 pm, 237 University College – Prof. Elise A. Friedland (George Washington University) – Seeing the Gods in Roman Palestine: Apollo from the Sanctuary of Kore at Samaria-Sebaste
(Prof. Friedland had to cancel her tour)

November 9, 3 pm, 237 University College – Prof. Mark Lawall (University of Manitoba) – Big Amphoras, Little Loom Weights: Archaeological Approaches to Economic Change

Other public lectures sponsored by the Department of Classics at the University of Manitoba include:

October 12, 3pm, 237 University College – The Third Annual Hellenic Civilization Lecture, Prof. Ioanna Sitaridou (Cambridge University) – In Search of the Lost Greek Infinitive: Continuity, Contact and Change in Romeyka of Pontus

October 20, Monday, 1:30 PM, 303 Tier Building – Classical Association of Canada Western Tour, Prof. Hugh Elton (Trent University) – The Late Roman Army and the Huns




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