Posted by: aiawinnipeg | February 5, 2013

Brooke Milne, February 10, 3pm, 237 University College

Sourcing the stone:

A geochemical analysis of Palaeo-Eskimo technological organization on Southern Baffin Island, Nunavut

On February 10 our usual Mediterranean focus will shift dramatically to the world of southern Baffin island. Here is Prof. Brooke Milne’s description of her lecture:

“The Palaeo-Eskimos are the earliest inhabitants of the eastern Arctic and are well known for their small, sophisticated stone toolkit. The most common type of stone used by Palaeo-Eskimo toolmakers was chert. On southern Baffin Island the geology is such that chert is scarce in many coastal regions yet is abundant in the island’s interior where it can be found in widespread surface scatters. Geochemical analyses of this toolstone indicate that both early and late Palaeo-Eskimos were exploiting chert from the interior. These data appear to suggest long-term continuity in Palaeo-Eskimo technological organization and seasonal land use patterns, despite inferences elsewhere of significant differences in land use between early and late Palaeo-Eskimo populations.

Milne image

This talk discusses my ongoing research in this region of Nunavut including the many challenges archaeologists face when working in the far North. I also present the most recent results of this provenance study and explain how these new data are reshaping current interpretations of Palaeo-Eskimo lifeways in this region of the Arctic.”


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