Posted by: aiawinnipeg | October 17, 2012


Sunday October 28 at 3pm, 237 University College

Prof. Jennifer Tobin, University of Illinois-Chicago, will speak on

The 2000 Excavations at Zeugma, Turkey

Sometimes the most important archaeological research happens just ahead of the construction equipment – or in this case, the flood waters! The archaeological potential of the site of ancient Zeugma in southeastern Turkey was known since the 1980s. But only the impending construction of a major hydroelectric project in the 1990s, which would result in the area being flooded, spurred on large scale excavations. Numerous campaigns, by research teams from many different countries, in the late 1990s and early 2000s uncovered amazingly well preserved houses and public buildings. Most spectacular of all, perhaps, were the mosaics from the houses.

Jennifer Tobin’s lecture will give us a first-hand account of these very important excavations.

A substantial portion of the financial support for the Zeugma excavations (2000-2004) came from the Packard Humanities Institute. The Institute has also supported considerable archaeological research at the Athenian Agora and supports an exceptionally useful database of Greek Inscriptions.

A very good blog on Zeugma is found here.

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